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When I Lost My Job Because of My Passport!

12 Avril 2016, 21:09pm

Publié par Merry Lee

Last month I lost my job and you won’t believe why! The reason was very small, but ignorance and carelessness caused a big impact on my life. I was very happy with my professional life and a good paycheck motivated me a lot to work harder. I was born and bought up in a disciplined family where everything has been taken care so well, but I failed to prove the same attentiveness and behavior on some major concerns and I lost the most important thing in my life.

Passport Renew

Actually, last year I traveled to see my cousin who is relocated to UK, but forgot to unpack my bags due to a pile of work and time I spent to clear the backlog. Not knowing the importance of keeping everything in a well-organized manner, I rushed to keep the things in cabinets or wardrobes and left the rest of the items in my bag only.

Challenge that Arrived Unexpectedly


Last month, I was very happy when I received a promotion letter with a responsibility to attend a very important seminar in Vietnam. I started spending long hours in making presentations and gathering information about the country. I was feeling overwhelmed by receiving a promotion letter that didn’t last so long very. I tried to be an organized traveler, but a phone call brought a drastic change in my life when I was told to submit my passport.





I felt like half of my body got paralyzed the moment I was asked about my passport. Not because I forgot where did I keep my passport, but I really forgot to keep it safely when I returned after my last visit. However, I tried to find my passport consistently and checked my entire wardrobe, drawers and bags. At last, I found my passport that I forgot in my traveling bag only.

Another Shocking Experience



I found my passport got expired a month ago and I just have a week in hand. I was feeling very helpless as I was aware of the lengthy governmental procedure for a passport renewal. I wasn’t aware of a way to escape from the adversities of life at this crucial period of time. I preferred to give up and resigned by knowing that nobody will accept my excuse for not attending such an important seminar. I just wish I could get renewed my passport on-time and simply, hoping to get back my stable life with a validate passport.





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