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What Should You do in Case of a Lost or Stolen Passport?

10 Août 2015, 02:13am

Publié par Merry Lee

You do understand the fact that the passport plays one of the most crucial roles in those people’s lives who own one. It has to be safeguarded at all times and you know the reason why. How would you react in a situation when you’re traveling abroad and you lose your passport? What if someone steals your bag stuffed with all the required documents including passport too? You would definitely panic and lose control.


You may not be able to decide what should be and what should not be done in such a situation when you have lost your passport and that too in a country which is not your homeland. But there is no need for you to panic on finding out that it’s a case of a lost or stolen passport that has started bothering you like anything.

You can get a replacement passport if you’ve lost the original one in your home country or another nation. If the latter option fits you, the first thing without losing your mind should be getting in touch with the American Embassy or Consulate. If you come to know that the legal travel document has been lost or stolen in the US or overseas, don’t let time slip you by and get a police report filed right away. Once the report has been filed, then contact the embassy or the US Department of State.

DS-64 Form

When someone’s passport is lost or stolen, he or she would have to fill in a DS-64 application form that is applicable in this case when someone loses a passport at home, while shopping at the mall, or it’s stolen abroad. So, you would have to fill this form and provide as much information as you can while filling the form. If you happen to lose your travel document while it’s still valid, DS-11 is the form you have to duly fill in and have both forms submitted. Ensure that DS-11 form is filled online but not signed. (Note that DS-11 is the form you filled when you applied for a new passport.)

Original/Certified US Birth Certificate

You have to produce either original or certified birth certificate to prove your US Citizenship.


A certified check or money order for the right amount should be sent to US Department of State.

Identity Proof

You’re required to submit your proof of identity which can be a valid driver’s license, or a government issued photo ID.

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