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Get Passport in 24 Hours

How Fast Can You Get Your US Passport Renewed?

4 Août 2015, 23:15pm

Publié par Merry Lee

It's a human nature that we ignore some important things when it comes to planning an international vacation. When it comes to taking up a vacation in a foreign country, everything has to be considered with caution because you would be traveling to a nation which seems unfamiliar to you. You are not familiar with its people except gathering your knowledge on all the finest sightseeing spots. So, you have to have enough information prior to touching down on its soil. And a passport is one of the important documents that would let you get an entry inside the international border. You cannot even think of traveling abroad if you do not have one.

What if your passport is about to meet its end as in it's going to expire or has already met the date a few weeks ago?


You did not realize that your passport was on its way to meet its expiry date, and when this happens, you cannot travel out of the country unless you go for fast passport renewal services and get your travel document renewed.

People don't make a travel out of the country for years, and when they do, they realize that it's too late. Their passport has expired. But you do not have to be worried in this case if what you have in hand is an expired one. Get in touch with a passport agency and it will punch a hole in it to make it an invalid one. The agency will then hand your old passport back to you when you receive your new passport.


Do consider an important point - Ensure that your old passport cannot be damaged. If it happens, you would have to go through the entire process all over again which you considered for getting a new passport. The pages of the passport should not get wet neither any damage should happen to the inside cover where your photograph and personal information are.

Fill in a DS-82 application form - Download the form “DS-82” application form from the agency's website in a PDF version so that it can be filled online. Make sure that you fill all the necessary information required. Don't you forget to sign the form once you've duly filled the same?

Photographs do play a crucial role – Carry two passport size photographs.

Fees to be paid – Send a money order or check of $170 to the US Department of State. Note that if you want your passport to be renewed fast, you may want to consider hiring fast passport renewal services so that you can get your passport in no time.

If you apply for the passport renewal services from the US Department of State, it may take a long time to dispatch your new passport. But with a passport expediting agency, you will get the travel document in a fixed time frame.


Has your passport expired? Looking forward to get it renewed quickly? Let 24 Hour Passport and Visas, one of the leading online passport expediting agencies serving the customers based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, help you get a renewed passport in no time. We also deal with lost or stolen passport cases for the customers.

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